September Power BI Update – Reporting

Well, it is finally here.  People have asked this for a while, and it has been implemented with the September release.  One of the more common cases is that a user is looking at a table or matrix in the report you put together, and they find data that they want in their own report.  It used to be that there was not anything you could do.  Now you can right-click on the value or selection and select “Copy Value” or “Copy Selection” to copy the data to the clipboard.  From there it can be pasted into other applications, such as Excel.  Selection does skip subtotals, so you might have to add those back in.

And this is just the beginning!  Microsoft does want to find out what people think before adding more, so make certain to submit your opinions on the Ideas page.

Remember – you need to download and install a new copy of Power BI Desktop to get these new features!

Want to read more?  Go here:  Power BI Desktop September 2018 Feature Summary

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