Dashboard in (less than) an Hour

We really believe that Power BI is quite possibly the greatest cloud technology since Office 365. Like Office 365, it has the ability to be a transformative technology for any business of any size. Spend 15 minutes with us as we walk you through our abbreviated “Dashboard in an Hour” demonstration. You’ll get a good appreciation for the tools and capabilities included with Power BI Desktop and the PowerBI.com service. Maybe, by the end, you’ll agree that Power BI could be a transformative technology if put to use in your business.

What you’ll find in this video:

  • Select the data for the dashboard
  • Orientation of the Power BI Desktop application
  • Editing the data import with Query Editor
  • Managing relationships in the data
  • Creating visualizations and laying them out on the dashboard
  • Publish your dashboard to the PowerBI.com service to share with others
  • Pinning elements of the dashboard to other dashboards
  • Using Natural Language Q&A to ask your data questions

Click the “Dashboard in (less than) an Hour” link below to watch the video and begin building your own (completely FREE) dashboards.

Dashboard in (less than) an Hour from RoseBud Technologies on Vimeo.

Yes, it’s a power packed 15 minutes. Contact us if you would like a personalized, guided walk through of the full Dashboard in an Hour session. Plus, if you REALLY like this, contact us about upcoming Dashboard in a Day sessions where you can experience a guided deep dive using Power BI.

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